What are God’s Plans for you in 2024?


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1. Guilt is in line with human nature, but it is the devil that persists in the long run. - Chaucer

2, as long as there is tomorrow, it will always be the starting line.

3. Turn sweat into pearls and turn your dreams into reality!

4. The most feared is the person I always think is important, and the most important person is not me.

5. The virtues of good times are temperate, the virtues of adversity are tenacity, and the latter is a greater virtue.

6. Every effort in private will be shown in front of the public.

Inspirational talk about 2018: You are only responsible for the wonderful God's own arrangements

7, instead of running around in other people's lives, it is better to be yourself.

8, Lies can never changes fact lie is a lie after all.

9, you are only responsible for the wonderful God's own arrangements

10. The most embarrassing thing is that when I was young, I only saw the scenery of others and did not see the hardships of others.

11, resentment or no complaints, life is the same; 愁 or not, life is unchanged.

12, there will always be such a person, let us want to use the courage and emotions of life, to see through that love and time.

13. If you want to give up, think about why you persisted for so long.

14, the so-called fate, is the reason for the success of love, the excuse of failure. ,

15. Choice is more important than effort. Success or failure lies in choice.

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