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The personality section of our website provide the related content to test your personality. Using a series of data analysis and problem testing, we would make some judgments about your personality reling on psychological knowledge. For example, find out your character and what characters are similar to you in the human being's history. And which country are more suitable for you to live? We hope these tests can help you a bit to know about yourself.

Personality refers to the relatively stable and core personality psychology characteristics expressed in people's attitude towards reality and corresponding behaviors. It is the most closely related personality trait in society. It contains many social ethics in personality. meaning. Personality expresses people's attitude towards reality and the world around them, and is manifested in his behavior. Character is mainly reflected in the attitude towards yourself, to others, to things and in the words and deeds. Do you know what are you exactly? Do you know the reason about why people always hate you or say something bad about you? It may reflect all your goodness and badness about your personality!

What are the problems with personality defects?

Easy to fall into emotions

I am impatient, do not be serious in my homework, be detained; lazy, do not do things, be desecrated; mentality is unbalanced, bravely fighting, being beaten... bad results will inevitably bring bad emotions, magnify their own Emotions will fall into this whirlpool and cannot extricate themselves.

2. There is no way to solve the problem.

What if you are lazy but want to solve the problem?

However, many people still don't take laziness as the root cause of the problem. He always thinks that he has no chance, that is, he is not lucky, or he is in a bad state. He will not admit that he is lazy, but he shirks his responsibilities. After going to the state and luck, you will find this fundamental misunderstanding, because this problem does not care about luck and state, or because it is lazy.

3. Being isolated, excluded, disgusted

If you can't solve the problem, you will get bad results, it will be more emotional, and you will have your own emotions. Ok, this is your problem, but when you have emotions, others are right for you. What is it? Is it disgusting? Rejection? isolated? Who wants to be with a person who is sick and tempered? Why should you tolerate you? Why should you be used to you? Why do you condone you?

4. Personal self-confidence cannot be established

In the above situation, you have already committed evil with others, you have already committed evil with others, and you are in a state of emotion. The problem can not be solved. What is your spiritual world?

The spiritual world collapses and the self-confidence cannot be established.

How do you find confidence in the exclusion and isolation of others? How strong do you think you are? Some people have also experienced more terrible things: start to hate yourself. Can't find your own value, hate yourself, hate to torture yourself, self-mutilation, suicide, then talk about self-confidence?

5. Value distortion

The distortion of values ​​leads to psychological perversion, and I feel that the world owes him. He will say: These things are caused by blabla! The emergence of anti-social personality is the most terrible.

6. Emotions are not released

When the emotion is not released, the hollow disease comes. I feel that my heart is very empty, because I can't find what can be done, I can't find the direction of life, I can't find the fun and value of life, and the emotion can't be released. Living is to get rid of the day, all problems are caused by their own personality defects.

7. Feel no happiness and happiness

What does the character defect give us?

Are you starting to stay away from the crowd? I don’t get the satisfaction of my mental ability, and at the same time, there are many problems in my body that are constantly deteriorating. What do the three combine and bring to people? It is pain, it is torture, it is hollow inside.

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