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About Love

The love section of our website has a plenty of test content related to emotion, such as measuring what your future lover looks like, or test how many emotional experiences will you have in your life, and so on. Some love tests maybe not necessarily accurate, but we also combine a variety of data analysis and related personality psychology knowledge to produce many love tests with a certain degree of scientific truth. For example, by testing your favorite characters, and your favorite clerk. We can get some of the problems in your feelings.

In the beginning, we may be attracted to a certain point of the other party, which may be the appearance, may be the style , or may be an inadvertent action. And you're starting to imput the emotion.

At this stage, we have strong illusions and desires for each other, imagine each other, imagine the state of being with each other, and want to have each other.

People at this stage often think that they are excited, eager, and passionate when they come into contact with each other. But this passion is not based on the real side, but on the fantasy that it projects and the desire to close the relationship.

When the passion retreats, the mind tends to be calm, and the distance between the two sides is closer.

The beauty of the distance has disappeared, and the illusion has been refreshed by reality. Because the strong desires that are inextricably stimulated have cooled down, it is no longer so good to magnify each other. Instead, it is easy to see all kinds of deficiencies, because of the closeness and conflicts. Most love is dead here.

The development of relationships at this stage depends on the breakthrough in intimacy.

The two sides understand each other, penetrate each other's inner world, share each other's experiences, opinions, emotions, hopes and dreams, pain and mourning, and understand each other's values ​​and ways of thinking. On the basis of deep understanding of each other, to meet each other's needs.

Will you stay together? I believe that every pair of men and women in love has thought about one problem: Is that the lover who is currently around with him who accompanied him to live his life? Because of this kind of uncertainty, people often become suffering and loss, which also adds a lot of twists and turns to the feelings, but also wastes time and your emotions. Then do you want to know if HE can hold your hand to the end with you? Take a love test with US and test your fate with the other half.