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The website offers a variety of features including, but not limited to, love, personality, and entertainment testing, in order to help users understand themselves and develop their own life direction.

We are using the advanced AI technology, big data technology and image processing technology to help people scientifically playing various tests. The website not only provide your different kinds of results. It also draw the multifarious profile photos for you.

People like to do personality tests, except the factors of hunting, they to want to know who they are now. All the funny tests provided by the website divide us into several or a dozen different categories through our names and portraits, and will be classified into the same category as those who have similar behaviors, emotional reactions, and self-evaluation. What we really want is through the past and the present, to understand how the future may be, and how to become a better self. When we pass interesting tests to understand the type of people we are in, the psychological characteristics of this category of people, and the possible behavioral responses in the future, are the information and wisdom we can refer to.

For example, everyone cares about their looks. With our AI drawing technology, you can restore what you would be like when you were young, and you can predict the look of your future. Even can list the photos of your different looks of 1-99 years old. In addition, we can also use our technology to process your photos, such as creating a self-portrait for your sketch, or adding various small elements to your avatar, such as Christmas hats, cartoon faces, etc.

Compared to other test sites, our tests are very simple. You only need to enter a name and upload a photo to get answers to your questions.At the same time, please be assured that your personal information is protected by the platform. We escort your data when you are happily playing the game.

The website will continually optimize the update to ensure that new test content is continuously available for you and your friends. All tests have social features that support one-click sharing to social platforms and friends to share test results.

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