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In fact, men love not to love you, "seeking a marriage" will know,

Some people think that they just want to get married, as for? In fact, the marriage proposal is a sense of ritual for the girl, with a little solemnity, so that he is psychologically prepared to marry this person, and it seems likely that the boy does not care.

The girl is naturally romantic, and can't help but complain to the man next to him: "When did you propose to me?" "Why don't you know to ask for a marriage?"

It’s inevitable that a man feels upset, from the beginning of the “a few days” to the later “you are bothered”, leaving a relationship deadlocked.

Therefore, he felt that his friends did not ask for marriage. How come he was so troublesome, but he did not go to Yingying to think about her. Why did she want a marriage proposal?

She doesn't need to be like the idol drama, the flowers are everywhere, the male owner sends a big diamond ring, all she needs is to determine his mind, even if he is just a simple rose, as long as he is willing to ask one knee: " Would you like to marry me?" It will allow her to go with him willingly, but only such a small wish can not be achieved, how disappointing.

How do men love you, how to "marriage" with you.

Regardless of love or marriage, you need a sense of ritual, why do you want to get married, just want to let her see your true heart, let her be willing to marry you, and live with you for a lifetime.

In fact, asking for marriage is not the most important. What is more important is that you can see your sincerity from this process. If you really love her, you will want to give her an unforgettable wedding, including the previous marriage proposal. If you don't love her so much, you will naturally ignore her feelings and even feel emotional.

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