What Does Your Pet Think About You?
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Quiz Description

Dog, I want to tell you that you have been in our family for almost two years. Are you living in our house? I think you have taken us as the owner! I thought you were at the door of the pet shop. The former owner abandoned, very lonely, almost became a stray dog, but fortunately you met my mother and became a member of our family. Mother takes you to bathe, eat, and walk. By February of this year, you will have a sixth birthday. Are you happy?

Dog, I want to tell you, you are a clever puppy, knowing that the food the owner eats is more delicious than what you eat, so whenever we are eating, you always have to smell the dog food first. Go straight to our table, sit awkwardly, wait, look at us with that big eyes, and my parents will always pick out the meat from the bowl and feed it to you. However, I want to tell you that if you want to eat more dog food in the future, dog food will be good for your body

uDog, I want to tell you, in fact, you are a stupid puppy, sometimes like to fight with other dogs, and sometimes temper for the family. Once, I passed the bookshelf, when you were sleeping, in order not to wake you up, I carefully crossed over you, but you screamed like crazy, I provoke you? I did not mess with you, Why are you tempering me? You should really change this bad temper later!

Dog, if you can understand me, how good it is!

These are the words you want to say to the dog? So what does the dog want to say to you? Come and test it

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