What Type of Girlfriend Are You?
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Quiz Description

Love will be blindly changeable. Many girls are dragging and dropping, usually they are men and women, but they all become small birds. On the contrary, they usually have peace of mind and no lethality. Dead, want to know who is the type of girlfriend?

January, stubborn girlfriend

You have a strong self-awareness, so you can attract a lot of attention. As an ambitious girl, you are very good at motivating and promoting your other half, but if you are arrogant, you may not be able to hear it, because you believe in yourself more than people's generosity. Your life is often organized and organized, and personal habits are placed neatly, so when the other half arbitrarily moves your objects, you will be furious.

February Action Girlfriend

Compared to the rules of the girl, you tend to be a passionate and dreamer, and have your own set of worlds. Even if you take the time to travel, you will always "make some action" and will drag the other half to the cafe, shopping, mountain, and opera. Your generous mobility sometimes even makes your partner feel a little dizzy, slow down a little, shake it~

March affectionate girlfriend

You are generous and trustworthy, and have a keen sense of the other half of the emotional ups and downs, feelings rich and delicate. Although it looks mature and quiet, you actually need the other half to give you a lot of attention. You don't specifically compare with others, because you know exactly what you want the other half to do with you. It is a girl with great ideas and opinions.

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