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In the complex wine world, each wine has its own style, temperament and characteristics, just like different people in the world have different personalities. Today we are going to make an interesting little test, maybe you can find the wine that matches your personality.

Creative and infectious, extremely eager to learn new things and meet new people. Can bring happiness to those around you and be keenly aware of their needs.

Therefore, you will be able to discover grape varieties that are not well received by the public but are of excellent quality, such as Malbec Malbec.

Pay attention to the results of work, rigorous time concept, and earnestly complete the preset goals. Often very conservative, convinced of the law and the correct procedures. Seeking truth from facts, being honest and honest, not willing to go out of their comfort zone to try new things, but be sociable and like good communication.

Tempranillo, known as the "noble grape" variety of Spain, is very suitable for this personality.

These people live at the present and want to enjoy the joy of life as much as possible. Unwilling to live a normal life, but generous and optimistic. I like social life and experience new things. If work doesn't bring happiness, I would rather not do it.

Such a character fits the more enjoyable style of the grape should be good, than if it is full of flavor, sweet and rich Zinfandel.

People are loved, kind, and like to work with others to achieve goals. Real hope can be liked by people, let people like the happy atmosphere you create. This feature is exactly in line with Grenache's enthusiasm and rich fruit aroma.

These people are very sociable, strong supporters of friends and family; hate the ideas that others impose. It is often very easy to get along with others very quickly, and sometimes even obey the values ​​of the people around you. Being loyal to others also wants others to be loyal. This is very relevant to the Merlot grapes that can be used for the soft and sweetness of the blending, but also can be made into a rich and complex wine.

These are people who are especially advocating intelligence and ability. They are witty, intelligent and adaptable. I like to analyze all aspects of the problem, is a profound thinker, creative, and very suitable for art work. Carmenere's wines are novel, unique and often exude a unique aroma. Outspoken, frank, hate to follow the rules, rarely use the same method to deal with the same thing. Resourceful, good at discovering the particularity of things. A wide range of interests, three minutes of heat for things. Sangiovese's personality is more fickle, like a chameleon, it is easy to change with the environment to better adapt to the environment. Within Italy, Sangiovese has many varieties; the wines produced by different varieties have their own unique taste.

Play the test to know your result. Don't forget to share the result to your friends.

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