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You are originally a person who doesn't like to be tempted. It is a very smart person in front of others. He is smart, assertive, and knows how to look at it. But in fact, you are like a child in private, like temper, when you are not happy. Indulge yourself to eat and drink, and you are originally a person who doesn't like the heart, just survive in this society and have to use a little.

An invincible person, but you are absolutely not stupid. The simple meaning is that you always believe in the words of others, because you will not presume that others will lie. Your intuition is to believe in friends. But once you have experienced betrayal or deception, you will never make this mistake again. You know when it should be simple, when you should be wide-eyed, and see the surroundings.

You can't do it in a friend's eyes, like a blank sheet of paper. Often people around you can't understand the more concealed issues. You can't always understand other people's puns. You don't know why you have to talk so tiredly. You are a good and evil person. You like it, you hate it, you don't have to explain it.

A super simple person. In the vast majority of times, only in front of people you like, you will make a little bit of caution and attract the attention of the other party. Only when you are eager for something, you will have to spend a little thought to achieve it, otherwise you are not only simple, but also a little silly.

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