Which 5 Character Traits Did God Give You?
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Now let us look at the wonders of God's creation, how He shaped our qualities to build His home.

You don't have to go far in life, and soon you will find that God likes diversity. God has created a wide variety of incredible creatures on the earth in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and strengths. God created more than 300,000 species of beetles. Why did he create 300,000 species of beetles? Because He likes diversity. There are 18 million snowflakes in 0.3 cubic meters of snow, and no two snowflakes are the same. God likes diversity!

1. I am unique and you are unique. No one in the world is like you, never, and will not have it in the future. When God made you, He did not follow the same template. God does not copy, He creates originality, you are the only one. You can't find the footprints or fingerprints or voiceprints of two people in the world. Why does God make you different from anyone else? Why is He so troublesome? Because He wants you to know that you are so special, you are very important to Him, you are unique!

2. I was created so delicately. Have you ever done anything that surprised you? Have you said something, but after thinking, I was thinking, "When I say those words, what am I thinking?" Have you ever had a feeling, and then thought "Why do I feel this way? How do I feel?" ?? We are hard to understand for ourselves. Have you ever reacted to a situation in a small group, but you found that you and everyone else reacted exactly the opposite? You are thinking, "What happened to me?" The truth is, you are not wrong, because you are unique, and you are created to be wonderful and awesome.

3. I was shaped to have a purpose. The Bible says that God has everything for everything, including you. It is no accident that you come to this world. You don't just have a space, your existence is not a mistake. Before we were born, God had a plan for each of us. The Bible clearly tells us that you are made purposeful, unique, planned and designed. He created you with loving hands, you are not an accident. God has a plan in your life, and He does not create you casually. You are you because God wants you to be such a person. Your uniqueness is that God wants to give this world.

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