What Does Your Fortune Cookie Say For Today?
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Quiz Description

In the Chinese food that foreigners eat, there is a very famous food: fortune cookies. It belongs to American Chinese food, although it is also a kind of Chinese food, but there is no such food in authentic Chinese cuisine. Moreover, this fortune cookie is a Chinese food that many foreigners like. It is very interesting to have a note in the biscuit, which is written in English with words that make foreigners feel lucky.

Now let's take a look at the netizen's answer, we will know that the fortune cookie has written in it.

"I got a good luck cookie, not me, it said: Thank you for taking me out of the cookie! This is the most interesting Chinese meal I have ever eaten. I keep this note all the time. "Is the note in this fortune cookie bright?"

Also: "I met the strangest fortune cookie. It was not a fortune, but a sudden test. The contents of the fortune cookie made me: name the four foods."

Some fortune cookies in American Chinese food may be bad for foreigners. For example, the answer answered by the foreign netizen, she said: “No kidding, I received one: promoting literacy, eating fortune cookies, literacy, buy fortune cookies The note." There is no doubt that the content on the note is still bright.

Also: "In October last year, I received this gift at the seafood restaurant and celebrated my uncle's birthday the day before I flew home. If there is, this may educate the value of moving forward: oh... wrong Cookies."

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