Can we Guess What is your Mythical Patronus?
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Quiz Description

The Patronus Charm, which is cast by saying the words "Expecto Patronum," is one of the most powerful defensive charms that a wizard could use. Once the incantation is said, a powerful blast of energy projects from the wand and towards the target. Specifically said to defend oneself against Dementors and other dark creatures, the charm serves as a last resort of defense.

Many witches and wizards are unable to produce a Patronus because of the difficulty level associated with the spell. Most of the Patronus charms exist in animal form, and while many of them are familiar animals that we see while walking down the street, there are a few of them which are not as common.

There are also witches and wizards whose Patronus can take the form of other peoples' own based on how much they loved the person like that of Severus Snape's for Lily Potter's and Nymphadora Tonks for Remus Lupin.

Which mythical creature will appear when you use the Patronus charm? Will it be something that truly represents you and your personality, or it is something that holds much deeper meaning than you think? If you would like to find out, then the only way to do so is to take this quiz!

Although the gods are only found in the mythical world, we are still habitual and expect to be able to obtain the sanctuary of the gods, thus gaining good luck in all aspects. Of course, in literary works, everyone has their own patron saint, so they can save their lives in the adventures of life and usher in a happy and happy life.

What is your living condition? And who is your patron, which one? If you want to know, continue to play the test below!

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