Which Word Describes Your Heart?
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Your heart is the mirror of your soul. All your feelings emotions, and in some way, thoughts come from the inside of it. We analyzed your FB profile and found out what word best describes your heart. Curious about the result? Hit the button below and get it right now!


As I am sitting at home from nearly 6 month, I am in depression. I have a strong tendency of doing suicide. There is a war between my brain and body. My brain wanna die but my body just want to live for one more day. I have no control over my brain, it has become my own enemy. I always find difficult to do something like study. I can't concentrate on anything for more than 40 minute. I am cursing myself for everything wrong happened with me and for everything wrong I have done. Day passes very slowly. I am also suffering from some mental illness. I am also a over thinker so I generally imagine problems that are not even present in my life. I have slapped and beaten myself. In this phase I have cried two times, I haven't cried in the last six years.

Now let's look at what I do everyday

I go to morning walk at 6:00 am and return back at 8:00 am maybe a distance of 3 kms

I study for competitive exams though I find difficult to do it. As told I can't concentrate.

I listen to music

Watch news or cartoon or infotainment channel

Go to evening walk again 3 kms

And basics as everyone do.

As told I know I am in depression so I am taking steps to fight against it.

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