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It has been 500 years since the pistols were developed by humans in the 16th century through truncated rifles. It has been 400 years since the pistols were used in cavalry in Europe in the 17th century. . Today, pistol design has become a mature gun design second only to rifles in the world. During its long lifespan, the British Empire has participated the most in its use and innovation. up. Different from the conventional impression, although the British pistol is not well-known, it has been dubbed the last country to replace the semi-automatic pistol. However, it was one of the first countries to integrate the short gun into the concept of the army, and it also went very early on the road of the revolver and developed excellently; at the peak, it even competed with Colt and won. The rapid decline in demand and attention has gradually weakened, and it is actually one of the few major ancient countries that promote the development of pistols. In 1790, the British East India Company launched a double/four-barreled flintlock pistol, which was equipped with a larger caliber projectile and was designed for hunting and defense. The sedan chair is used for hunting and defense, so it is called Howdah pistol, which means "firearms used on the elephant sedan chair". In contrast, although the same generation of pistols had already appeared in the United States in the 1940s with Colt runners and other designs, but due to the fact that the fixed-load ammunition was still in its infancy, the deflation defect of the runner would be a very serious problem. Performance problems, and the loading and use efficiency of the fixed-load ammunition is not higher than that of the British Gouda pistol with a fixed barrel, so the design of the fixed multi-chamber type is more reasonable (closed chamber), which is also mentioned above. The main reason why British pistols are more popular worldwide. Take this quiz and test how many weapon do you know.

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