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Are you a big Fan of WWE? Answer the questions to see Which of the Wrestling Companies Should You Join?

WWE - currently the biggest wrestling company in the world and has held the mantle since the mid-90s. AEW - They have constantly out performed their expectations and filled out large arenas. They are also weekly on tv drawing 1 million viewers. NJPW - the Japanese promotion is massive in their own country and currently expanding the promotion into the USA and other regions like the Uk and Australia. Hard to gauge their popularity outside of Japan at the moment.

RoH - Ring of Honor has had an influx of both cash and attention. Investments from Sinclair and their ability to produce stars like Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, The Young Bucks, Hangman Page, and others have given the indie promotion a bigger name.TNA - once WWE’s top competitor has fallen by the wayside. Every couple of months a new story saying that they are up for sale but no takers seem to be interested. Their top level original talent has deserted them and they have been overtaken as a promotion by Ring of Honor with other promotions like MLW coming as well.

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