Which Member of the Family Madrigal Are You?
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Quiz Description

Encanto personality quiz. The grandfather who is the head of the family is the representative of Aries, and when the family encounters difficulties, it will be the first to rush forward to sacrifice for the family, and has the characteristics of Aries known for its bravery and impulsiveness, which is a typical fire sign. Despite the passage of time, the dedication of the grandfather remains in the flames of the Marig family, protecting the whole family.Mom possesses the magic of healing diseases, and like Taurus, she belongs to the pragmatic guardian and is the representative of the stoic earth sign. While Taurus may not be particularly romantic, they will show love to people they care about with practical actions. In "Full House of Magic", one of the ways mom cares about her family is through her cooking, especially Colombia's traditional food tortillas, but it is a representative dish in the story! Now have a test to see who are you in Encanto.

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