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Beautiful women often encounter many pursuers. However, there is only one winner in the end.

Many pursuers are losing on the starting line, but they are puzzling why they are rejected.

Why is this so……

Because women have instinctive screening mechanisms, in order to quickly judge the value of each pursuer, women will throw a covert test to the man who pursues her, usually the behavior made by the subconscious mind, and the woman will naturally complete the screening.

The ability of a woman is born.

This goes back to ancient things, because the male's ability to rebuild the sperm is very strong, so the opportunity cost of mating is very small, and the consumption is quickly filled with blood.

And women are different, because there are ovulation periods, every long period of time, can get the chance of mating and breeding.

When a woman is pregnant, her ability to move is very poor. She needs to find an excellent mating breeding object to ensure that she can have a life guarantee (energy source) during pregnancy and that she can be protected (safety), otherwise she will face Great risk of survival.

Through millions of years of evolution, women who have the ability to efficiently “select” high-value men have survived, and those who are not easily able to be bred by low-value men without this ability have been eliminated.

In modern society, the living environment and safety of human beings have been greatly improved, but the ability of women in this area has been inherited because of the inheritance of genes.

This kind of subconscious value test is to ask a man's reaction to quickly get the result by asking a hidden, somewhat embarrassing question.

Because women (especially attractive women) have been pursued, she will start this subliminal value test at any time, screening out low-value men in order to remove interference and focus on high-value men.

Although we often say that radish greens have their own love, but attractive women still have commonality. Gentle and kind but not weak, good women have always been attractive, from a kind of inner compassion. The second quality that is attractive but not self-confident is the self-confidence. There is always a bright radiance on a confident woman. Knowing the book, the mind is independent, and the woman with the book is more likely to look good, and can withstand the time of the year. Economic independence, self-world, this gas field comes from her professional control, but also from her internal accumulation. Richly educated: the elegance of the bones, whether it is diet or work, their education allows them to exude an elegant taste between manners.

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