Everyone Is A Combination Of Turning Red Character & Encanto Character. Let's See Your Combo!
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Quiz Description

Disney and Pixar keep surprising us with wonderful animated movies! Take this quiz to discover which combination of a Turning Red character and Encanto Character you are.

A long time ago, the young Alma Madrigal met her husband Petro Madrigal and he fell in love and married during the celebration of Little Candle Day, giving birth to her triplets: Julieta Madrigal, Pepa Madrigal and Bruno Madrigal Madrigal), due to the civil war in Colombia, they were forced to flee the village where they lived, but during the escape, Emma lost her husband Pedro, the candle was given magic, miraculously repelled the pursuing soldiers, and also created a house full of life, Casa Madrigal, for them to live in, and a magical field surrounded by mountains - Encanto, allowing Grandma and triplets to survive. Turning Red is a story about one girl.The story takes place in May 2002, when Li Meiling, a Chinese-American girl living in Toronto, Canada, is a 13-year-old junior high school student. Mei Ling's academic performance is very good, and she is often accompanied by three classmates, Miri, Priya and Abby, all of whom are die-hard fans of the boy music group "4 *Town". However, Mei Ling also has to take into account the expectations of her mother Li Ming, and agrees with her mother on weekdays to clean and attract tourists to the clan ancestral hall near her home, and every coursework is perfect. Once, when Mei Ling was drawing a fan drawing of her crush Dewen under the bed, she was accidentally discovered by Ming, mistakenly thinking that Mei Ling was harassed by the boy and angry, and directly took the drawing to count down Dewen in public, and the behavior of the helicopter parents made Mei Ling very embarrassed.

At night, when she sleeps, Mei Ling wakes up from a nightmare of a red panda statue, and when she wakes up the next day, she finds herself transformed into the red panda in her dream. Mei Ling tried her best to avoid her parents, not wanting them to see her transform into a person, but inadvertently found that she would only change when she was emotionally excited, and as long as she calmed down, she could return to her original state, and her unsuspecting parents thought she had menarche. Ming cares so much about Mei Ling that she breaks into the school to send her a tampon, but as a result, she can't hold back her embarrassment and transforms on campus, Mei Ling flees home in a panic, and her parents tell her about the origin of the red panda. It turned out that all the female members of the Meiling family had the ability to transform into red pandas, which was the power obtained by the ancestor Xinyi in order to resist foreign enemies and pray to the gods. What is your combanition of those two movies? Test now.

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