What Your Eye Brow Shape Says About You
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Quiz Description

Everyone said that the eyes are the windows of the soul, and the eyebrows are the very important window frames. Changing the way the eyebrows are drawn may change the temperament of the whole person. The shape of your eyebrows may reveal your character! Do you know what type of eyebrows you have, and what is your personality?

Eyebrows with a medium width and a medium distance between each other represent that you value traditional values and fair values. At the same time, you will not overreact to things. Your friends like you to be with you. You are a person who can basically tolerate a lot of pressure, and you like to socialize. It seems to have unlimited energy, is very active, and has a wide range of interests. Usually you solve problems on your own and never rely on others. You care about details and stand firm. Although life is difficult, there is no mountain that you cannot climb! So you don’t like to hear people complain about problems. Take a look at what your eyebrows say and start the test.

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