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A good woman is a contradiction that can perfectly handle a good family.

A good woman learns to take a step back, because sometimes a woman's advancement will only push herself to a dead end, but a good woman will think about her mother-in-law.

I can let my mother-in-law say that she is good every day. Even if her mother-in-law has done something wrong, a good person can go through a lot of things. A woman who can make her family harmonious is a good woman. .

A good woman is very connotative, does not say bad things behind others, knows what is meaningful, does not provoke a relationship between people, and a good woman is very good, no matter who can Treat people equally, and don't look down on others. People like them very much.

A good woman is very serious about things. In her own work, although she is not the best, she must be the hardest and most serious person. She is very approachable and does not compete for strength. The performance is very connotation. Have a strong cultivation.

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