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The founder of FPA (Four-colors Personality Analysis) is Lejia.

FPA gives people a simple and easy tool that everyone can quickly master and apply to practice. No matter what you are doing, you can find out what kind of personality the people around you are through the clothing they wear, the job responsibilities they have, and the attitudes they interact with. They will learn to praise others and win a harmonious and efficient work environment. At the same time, FPA® has a high degree of distinction between personality and personality, and the difference between motivation and behavior, thus bringing the understanding of human behavior to a more far-reaching level.

FPA Definition: The FPA system divides people's personality into red, blue, yellow, and green. The character of a person is complex, so a person can never be dominated by only one color. The combination of the four colors is the most complete description of the character, but usually one or two of the colors dominate. FPA not only works for interpersonal relationships in the workplace, it can also help us solve all aspects of life, marriage, family and other relationships.

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