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People always try to build some ideal love patterns in literary works, and then try to restore them in the real world. However, few people can fill the gap between literature and reality, and we still need to live in a world full of reason and calm. When both literature and philosophy are powerless on this issue, psychologists have opened up another window for us to understand "love," let's see what they say. Robert Steinberg, a social psychologist at Yale University in the United States, proposed a famous theory of love, the theory of love triangles, which believes that love consists of three basic components: passion, intimacy, and commitment.

Passion: refers to the strong and fascinating thoughts of others because of their strong attraction. In a passionate relationship, people often devote themselves wholeheartedly, and sometimes even reckless behavior.

Intimacy: It is a kind of true love for each other, and is eager to establish a more cohesive and harmonious relationship with each other. Both parties or one party are willing to share their life with their partners in a candid and undefended way. Although there is no strong passion for intimacy, when the relationship progresses to this step, having a perfect gender relationship will become a possibility.

Commitment: Love is not only the oil and rice salt in real life, it is still a solemn thing, and it needs a willing and willing promise. No matter what difficulties you encounter, don’t forget the oath of love in the temple of marriage, insist on the persistence of love. Go on, forever. It is easy to see that passion is warm, intimacy is warm, and commitment is calm. Passion, intimacy and commitment together constitute love. The lack of any one of them can not be regarded as true love. Just as three points establish a plane and lack any point, this unique plane does not exist.

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