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The most cherished lover I have in mind is an uncle, he will be very mature, there will be a lot of things that I don't understand, you can ask him any questions, he will talk to you very gently, he will smile at you. With you, tolerate your little temper and small shortcomings. He knows romance very well, is very considerate of you, has a little bit of a beard, knows how to dress and dress, and exquisite life.

In fact, when I talked about love, I found out that the most ideal lover is that you can swear in front of him, unkempt, digging your nose and licking your ankles. He will say that he is stinky, but still holding you, let you wake up early. No makeup, no brushing, he is a bite, telling you that your wife is so beautiful, it’s good to hold you. He will rely on you, pretend that the bird will lean on your shoulders, and you will find that the former handsome uncle has become a child around you, and you need to take care of you but also understand your needs. Your love, as always

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