Are You More Like Your Mom Or Your Dad?
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Who is the height of her inheritance?

Half of each parent!

In addition to the nutritional status, 70% of the child's height is in the hands of the parents. The inheritance of the parents is the main factor determining the height of the child, because 35% of the factors determining the height are from the father and 35% from the mother. If both parents are not tall, it depends on the baby's 30% effort.

Who is genetically inherited?


Intelligence has a certain heritability, and is affected by environmental factors, nutrition, education and other acquired factors. According to scientists, genetic influence on intelligence is about 50%-60%. In terms of heredity, mother is smart, and most of the children born are smart. If it is a boy, it will be smarter.

The reason for this is that human and intelligence-related genes are mainly concentrated on the X chromosome. Women have 2 X chromosomes and only 1 male, so the mother's intelligence has a more important position in heredity.

Who is genetically inherited?


Personality is the father's genetics. The formation of personality is of course innate, but mainly due to acquired influence. In comparison, Dad’s influence will be greater than that of his mother. Among them, the role of fatherly love has a greater impact on her daughter. A psychologist believes: "Father plays an important role in the formation of her daughter's sense of self-esteem, identity and gentle personality." Another expert suggested that the father can teach many important lessons in his daughter's life. And experience to make her daughter's personality more colorful.

Who is the appearance of genetics?

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