Who will still by your side after 20 years?
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The one who loves you wants to talk to you: I hope that you have nothing to do with me to chat, talk about some of the fun and interesting things you have encountered, the boring and troublesome things. I am willing to do your friend, remember? I said, I am willing to accompany you, during spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Many times, we are willing to communicate with friends and say something that cannot be said with loved ones. With friends, no pressure, no need to work and family. When you are happy, someone is happy for you. When you are lost, someone will share your sadness. When you are alone, you will be with you. When you are successful, you will watch you silently. Remember, someone has been with you.

Someone said that the longest love was originally accompanied. You don't have to think too much, you don't have to look around to see who else, just do it yourself and see who is there for years to come. We know that time is sometimes amazing, and the people who have the affiliation are kept tight, and the ruthless people are turned away from the door, and they are pushed further and further. The ups and downs are left behind, not with deep hatred or with deep feelings. The lives of most people are actually not so colorful. Misunderstandings often occur in our lives. Sometimes I am curious.

Why is the same thing, strangers give more trust than their loved ones? Please believe that "three people become tigers." in chinese. Please cherish those who are still around you when you are in the lowest valley. In any case, they give you the courage to help you try to love yourself.

Companionship, in addition to being around you, and the kind that always gives you directions when you need it. There is a kind of love, not love, just like family, deeper than friends, and shallower than the hand and foot. I haven’t thought about how to call it. I only know that it is the longest and the most time to polish. May we all have a bright future, this beautiful, have you, have me. Those who have said that we are together after we are old, there are only a few left after many years, these are enough. Cherish them, cherish the moment, I am here to accompany you, spending your spring, summer, autumn and winter.

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