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With the development of the economy and the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people's health awareness is improving. As a health care method to effectively prevent diseases, health checkup is gradually becoming a fashion. As we all know, a health checkup is not an end, and health management is the real goal. Through a health checkup, everyone can reasonably maintain health, restore health, promote health, effectively reduce the risk of illness, better improve the quality of our lives and work, and enable us to have a healthy state.

Like the concept and practice of health management, in the talent management, we can adopt the "personal management" approach. Through professional personality assessment products, evaluate and understand their personality characteristics, so as to find the direction of personality management, improve the organization's work efficiency and individual work and life satisfaction. The traditional personality assessment has been simplified and extensively used by some enterprises in the work of talent management. It has only become a description tool for individual personality characteristics, not an application tool;

In addition, the personality assessment tools often used by enterprises are mostly classic psychological tests. The written expressions of specific majors in the assessment report have made many non-psychology human resource workers feel puzzling, even misinterpreted and misunderstood. In particular, the content of the traditional personality assessment report only stays at the description level. In fact, it is difficult for users to deeply understand the personality status of the testee through such a single report content. The human resource workers are more dependent on the individual. Subjective experience to interpret the report. This will undoubtedly bring to the talent management work the risk of accurately identifying people and hiring people.

If the “personality assessment” in talent management is limited to the description of personality characteristics, it is like a health check report lacking the conclusion analysis and health advice of professional doctors, so that the health checkup is in the form; on the other hand, even if there is The doctors' professional conclusions and suggestions, but lack of targeted action guidance to improve people's health, then health check-ups have not achieved the goal of health management, and it is difficult to help people effectively prevent diseases.

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