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Everyone has their own unique side, with unique characteristics in the world, and perhaps there will be people in this world who are similar to you. Maybe you are still waiting... I hope to meet such a person. You can know your character by using this test game.

Several large international studies have now demonstrated cross-cultural differences in the existence of average personality. Robert McCrae and 79 collaborators from around the world published one of the most extensive studies in 2005, analyzing 12,000 college students in 51 cultures. Based on these average personality analyses, researchers were able to derive "overall" feature scores for each culture.

The highest average scores for extroverted personality were Brazilians, French Swiss and Maltese, while the lowest scores were Nigerians, Moroccans and Indonesians. The highest scores for openness are Swiss, Danish and German, and the lowest average score is Chinese in Hong Kong, Northern Irish and Kuwaiti. The study also revealed differences in the three main personality traits of nervousness, responsibility and affinity in countries.

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