Are You A Dog or A Cat Person?
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Quiz Description

If you pay attention and observation a little more seriously, you will find that everyone has a little animal attributes, and this different attribute is often the character of each person's personality and personality. Taste the people around you, including yourself, and what kind of animal attributes you have, will help you grasp and understand the many inner qualities of yourself and others.

Here are some of the more common animal types and their personality traits. You may wish to compare them.

Like a cat

They are highly intelligent and very eye-catching, but they are often mistaken for pride. People like cats are not easy to tame, and they don't like to follow the crowd. They prefer to go their own way, pick the activities they like, and don't mind loneliness.

Like a lion

They are proud, they value family, and roar is more convincing than teeth. They are the head of the family. They are patient and intelligent. They don't easily reveal their feelings. Being with them is intimate and safe.

Like a cow

They are people you can rely on when you are in trouble, and you will do everything you can to make you happy. As a wife, she is a good and good cook; as a husband, he is easygoing and friendly.

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