When Will You Have A Baby?
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25-year-old singer Justin Bieber shared a sonic map on his Instagram account on April Fool's Day, sharing a scanned image of a baby for the first time, with a photo of his wife Hayley's "bump", which caught the fans It’s crazy. Hayley wrote a comment for the ultrasound map in an obvious satirical tone: “Very interesting...” Justin wrote in the title: 'If you think this is April Fool's Day'

Justin Bieber’s picture shows that her wife, Hailey, is receiving an intravenous injection, and the medical staff is stroking her slightly raised belly. Shortly after Bieber revealed the ultrasound picture, another ultrasound image was released, claiming that it was actually a prank and adding a picture of the puppy in the ultrasound image. The singer wrote the title: 'Wait omg is a ... APRIL FOOLS'.

The couple are keen to start a small, intimate family, but last week there were reports that the couple were suspending the baby program because Justin Bieber would continue to deal with his mental health problems. Bieber is currently seeking treatment for depression and frankly talks about trying to "fix" some "deep-rooted problems." He shared a message on Instagram last week to let his fans know his good mental state and said he will return to the music scene.

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