What Is Your Real Age Based On You Profile Photo?
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The good-looking skin is the same, the interesting soul is one of the best, but some women are not born old, and they seem to be 10 years younger than their peers. The older the woman, the more advantageous it is. Nowadays, many women can't see the actual age from the surface, not to mention the plastic surgery and natural inheritance, so the maintenance is still very important. Every woman wants to be young and beautiful, and therefore she is willing to work hard, but after all, she still can't escape the traces of time left on our faces. It is also the pursuit of women who are resistant to watching and not showing the old age...

Proximal humerus

The tibia is located at the outer side of the eye. Many women with prominent humerus pay special attention to it. They hope to cover the sharpness of the two bones and make their face and temperament look softer. Some women even think that the cheekbones are really not good-looking and want to remove them, but they must be carefully considered.

The legs are rough and weak

Because women grow with age, the body's hormone secretion will change accordingly, the secretion of estrogen will gradually decrease, and the reduction of hormone secretion will affect the joints of women's legs, making women's legs and feet aging.

Hips drooping

The buttocks are a sign of femininity, but as you get older, your skin is slack. If you don't exercise properly, your hips will sag more and more, and your pants won't look good.

Excessive weight loss

Losing weight is almost the slogan of all women shouting. Excessive weight loss means less body protein, which is muscle deficiency. The state of thin and muscle deficiency is dryness and relaxation. From the physical point of view, it is both thin and slack. This state of course seems to be older. Therefore, only the muscles are full and thin, it is worth pursuing.

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