What's Your DNA Ancestry Based On Your Profile?
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We often say that there are two kinds of ancestral analysis of molecular anthropology, one is the autosomal Admixture analysis in video, and the other is the paternal and maternal ancestral analysis of Y chromosome and mitochondria. Briefly introduce them separately. The basic logic of the often-stained Admixture analysis is that no modern Homo sapiens are so-called purely ethnic groups. Even in an analysis like Ancestry or 23andme, the result is 100% Chinese, but if you subdivide the Chinese population further, it will be a mixture of different ethnic groups. One reason why few companies now offer detection and analysis in this area is that autosomal analysis requires the detection of a large number of sites. If you want to roughly distinguish between the various groups in China, less than 100,000 sites may be uncertain. This amount of data is far higher than the requirements for paternity testing. Additional Y chromosome and mitochondrial analysis. Because the Y chromosome is only male, it reflects the genetic information of the paternal line; while each human mitochondrial MT is from the mother, so the genetic information on the mitochondria reflects the maternal ancestral source. By detecting and analyzing genes on the Y chromosome and mitochondria, a person's Y haplogroup and MT haplotype can be defined.

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