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Quiz Description

MBTI is a 4D personality assessment indicator. There are two possibilities for each dimension, so the method can be categorized according to the 16 personality types, each type of personality is described by 4 letters.

First dimension: targeting

Ask yourself:

You are willing to go out and have fun (E),

Or would you rather stay at home to read a good book or watch TV? (I)

The second dimension: understanding

Ask yourself:

When you learn something new, you are what you see and learn (S)

Or add/delete impressions based on your own intuition? ( N )

The third dimension: decision

Ask yourself:

When you make a decision about something, you rely on logical reasoning (T)

Still leaning towards emotions and empathy? ( F )

The fourth dimension: attitude

Ask yourself:

Every aspect of your willingness to live is well organized, pre-arranged (J)

Still like to be sudden, amazing? ( P )

Now, the letters corresponding to the answers to the four questions are arranged in order, resulting in a combination of letters, which is the test result.

(For example, if you choose to stay at home, add an impression based on your intuition, make an emotional decision, and be willing to pre-arrange things, your letter combination is INFJ).




Such people are good at analyzing and caring for others, prefer to work alone, and often feel uncomfortable in social situations. They are impatient with hierarchical structures and political issues, preferring to see their leaders demonstrate their value through their talents rather than their charm and influence. Although they are not very sociable, they are smart, speechless, and they are surprised to hear that people like to be with them. They are suitable for writers, poets, NGOs and other positions.



These people are eye-catching, full of charm and influence, always looking for the best of life and want to share it with their friends. They are active, impulsive and interesting. They know how to adapt to the environment, affecting others, and sometimes even manipulating others. They are excellent salesmen and can be excellent friends. They are suitable for sales, marketing planners, actors.

ISFP: sloth


These people relax and quiet, live at their own pace, and enjoy life instantly. They are considerate, happy, caring and as we say - relax. Their values ​​are important to themselves, but they are not the kind of people who fight for values. They are not lazy, they are just more casual than the average person. They are suitable for state-owned enterprises, drinking tea, chatting, typing, and life can no longer be happy.

ENTJ: Lion


These people are independent, rational and convincing leaders, with a focus on business and ambitious. They refuse to let subjective emotions influence their decision-making process, which may be considered by some to be iron-hearted and lacking in passion, but these “cold” people are often effective, successful and powerful. They are the king of the jungle. They are suitable to be the founders of start-ups, and with their leadership and execution, they can take a ticket to the younger brother.

ISFJ: Deer


These people are quiet, trustful and considerate. They like to keep things in harmony, respect others' emotions and accept those who are different from them. They are sometimes described as very emotional and trustworthy people. They are suitable for administrative and financial types of work, and take care of everything in their own quiet world.

INTJ: Octopus


This type of person is maverick, intelligent, and creative – but indifferent to what others do. They are considered to be the most independent of all personality types, and when they are free to be alone, they can best use their best energy. They know what kind of intelligence they have, and they are often passionate about complex ideas and theories. These people are the people who lead us to innovate, the pioneers in various fields, and there are many scientists, thinkers, and star entrepreneurs.



These people are naturally quiet, good at analysis, and often have a soft spot for technical fields like engineering. They always like to figure out the ins and outs of things. The conventional cookie cutter quickly made them overwhelmed. They are competitive, such as adrenaline impulses. Their motto is "symbiosis and co-prosperity" - they dismissed the commandments and hoped that others would not interfere with their personal affairs. Some of them like this motto: "Don't step on me." Many of them have become editors of silent code words, as well as code farmers of IT companies.

ESFP: Water Bottle


These people live at the present and want to enjoy life experiences as much as possible. They are very unruly, but generous and optimistic. They like to socialize and experience new things. Classroom learning is not their strength. Although they are smart and creative, they only like to "go with the flow" and enjoy their time. The work they do is challenging, such as explorers, private shopkeepers, and life is very lively.

INFJ: Wolf


These people are loyal to their own values, often the dragons are not seen, and even if you are intimate with them, they will feel unfathomable. They are usually some very creative, inspiring and sensitive people. In contrast, they do not disclose personal information unless they fully trust each other. However, they are still very concerned about the well-being of others and are often seen as protectors and natural leaders. The industries in which these people work, such as journalists, fashion designers, lecturers, etc., are extremely creative and provocative.

ENFP: Dolphins


These people are creative and infectious, have unlimited energy, and are extremely eager to learn new things and meet new people. They bring happiness to those around them and are keenly aware of their needs. They are passionate about people, but they are also easily bored. They like to work in public relations and corporate planning, and their creativity is very cute.



These people are usually urban people, working hard to improve society and want to be part of the organization and government. They are often very conservative, convinced of the law and the correct procedures. They are realistic, honest and unwilling to go out of their comfort zone to try new things, but they are sociable and like good communication. They are suitable for engaging in people's work, such as bank counters, cashiers, and human resources.

ISTJ: Beaver


These people are logical and have a good reputation for pursuing pragmatic people. They are trustworthy, meticulous, rational and serious. Like beavers, they are highly dedicated workers who will do everything they can to make the best work. As for the negative side, they have good intentions, but sometimes it is difficult to communicate with the emotional needs of others. They are suitable for financial, legal, consulting and other types of work, and high workloads prove their power and ability.



These people are very sociable and are strong supporters of friends and family. They hate bullying and devote their affection to those they love. When they like to have fun with the people around them. They tend to get along very well with others very quickly, and sometimes even obey the values ​​of the people around them. They are loyal and hope that others can be loyal. Their loyal work attitude will win their position in many positions, suitable for civil servants and bank staff.

INFP: Mongoose


These people believe that their values ​​are idealists who are loyal to their families and friends and live according to their own will and according to their own values. They are curious about everything around them, but they will never accept any threat to the safety of their loved ones or their values. Such people are suitable for freelancers, such as columnists, photographers, private shop owners, and so on.

ENTP: Parrot


These are people who especially value intelligence and ability for themselves and others. They are witty, intelligent and adaptable. They like to analyze all aspects of the problem, are profound thinkers, creative, and very suitable for art work.

ESFJ: Elephant

The temperament is docile and friendly, and it cannot be ruled out that individual loves are intriguing and fighting. I like to be with my family and friends. I am a good gentleman/mother. Very patience and tenacity in dealing with work, often becoming the backbone of the company and leadership.

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