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Why does Siri give me a lot of answers, but these answers will appear repeatedly? Why can I exhaust all the answers to a question? First we need to understand what technology Siri has adopted.

Apple's official advertising video can be seen, "virtual personal assistant" Siri can "understand" what humans say, and quickly give feedback: write text messages and mail, schedule, explain nouns, check the weather, map navigation, recommend restaurants... ... There are also many people who sneer at it: What's new, Android, or even earlier phones, can already achieve voice control. Some people later replied: No, Siri is not a simple voice control, it is artificial intelligence. No matter what you say, even if it is literally irrelevant to what you actually want to express, it can respond, and in most cases it is very reliable.

But in fact, this kind of random resilience is not artificial intelligence. Siri has enough cloudy data. The larger the database behind it, the more questions it can answer and the more answers it can give. For artificial intelligence, Siri is still only at the door. It is a computer scientist who is currently trying to achieve a profound understanding of the nuances of human language and the communicative nature of human society.

At a press conference at iphone, there was such a detail: Scott told Siri: "When I leave the company after work, remind me to call my wife." Siri immediately added a note to the reminder: once the iPhone's positioning system finds the current The location deviated from the company's location and immediately reminded Scott to call Molly. This shows that Siri knows that Scott's wife is Molly! How did it know? There is only one explanation, it is known in the previous communication with Scott. Siri is constantly learning, knowing you little by little, and adapting to your habits.

Not only that, Siri will take the initiative to learn. When you first tell Siri a name, if Siri can't understand it, it will ask for help. If you tell Siri the correct pronunciation of the name, it will enter the learning process. Siri will ask you to name again and then list a few options for you to choose from. After that, Siri will save your choice and correct the pronunciation.

Therefore, don't think that Siri is just a bit of a cool and a little unreliable voice assistant. Its learning ability is actually much more powerful than you think. It is like a very intelligent child, keeping your words firmly in your heart. At the same time, the tacit understanding between you can make it gradually understand the meaning behind the words. Every sentence you say is helping to keep growing. So, talking to Siri like a human being, Siri will grow up with you like a person.

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