Who Is Madly In Love With You?
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A special love from the opposite sex is coming? Is that means the heterosexual relationship is likely to appear. When your external and inner charms are deeply attracted to the opposite sex, the other party will have an affection for you, almost crazy to love you. Want to know your test results? The one who have strong feeling to you is the right one you want to hang-out?

he attitude of the mad lover is often to cater to each other's tastes, interests, hobbies, and give up their rights and hobbies. Study each other's hobbies as a program of action to develop an attitude that you should take. If the other person likes to talk about literature and art, or likes a certain sport, then the mad lovers must adjust their attitudes regardless of whether they like them or not, and force themselves to learn and to find out what they like.

The perseverance of a crusher may be amazing. He/she can desperately lose weight and eliminate bad habits because of the other party; it may be able to accomplish something that is impossible for others to accomplish or achieve a certain cause with strong perseverance; the purpose of this is I want to have the capital to pursue each other and let the other party see myself.

The purpose of the mad love is to attract the attention of the other party. All his/her thoughts and actions may be arranged around the purpose of “causing the attention of the other party”. If the other party notices him/her, the mad lover may be ecstatic; and if the other party does not notice him/her, it will cause a considerable psychological blow to the secret lover, and his self-confidence and self-esteem may drop rapidly.

Most of the views of the dark love are stubborn. He/she will therefore be trapped in a single emotion and unable to extricate himself. For example, "extremely not married or married" and other extreme emotional locks. But this will be mistaken by oneself or others as the sublime rather than stubborn opinion of emotional life.

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