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Accroding to the pychologist,five personality traits are most likely to lead to derailment between men and women

1. Suspected personality, lack of security. I am uncertain about myself, not confident, and unfounded, vulnerable and sensitive. This kind of personality tends to double the bond in the marriage, because there is no sense of security, it is easy to do some excessive behavior, such as checking the privacy of the other party, testing love loyalty, etc., this behavior will inevitably force the other half farther.

2. Poor personality, not good at communication and communication. Sometimes there are many things in marriage that require both parties to work together and communicate to better solve them. People who are weak in character and who do not like to communicate sometimes find deficiencies in certain things, but they do not ask for a perfection to their partner, or some needs are not met (such as companionship, love, communication, etc.). Cause psychological extremes, and then seek satisfaction in other ways or elsewhere.

3. Be self-righteous and self-righteous. This kind of personality is easy to trigger the dissatisfaction of the other half. It is easy to assume that you have the right to satisfy your needs and subject to the needs of others. At this time, contradictions are easy to appear. It will cause psychological imbalance to the other party. In the long run, the derailment index will increase frequently. Because your hegemony makes the other party think that you are not satisfied, so derailment is inevitable.

4. Too lively, not stable. Can't stand the days when marriage is dull, you are particularly eager for passion and new things, and can't stand a dull and long marriage. People with this personality are typical of derailment. Often "this mountain looks at the mountain high", it is easy to meet someone who is better or better than the other half, because the character lacks stability, he does not want to suppress himself too much, so he is easier to derail.

5. Subjective and rude, ignore yourself. People who don't want to know themselves thoroughly are often easy to ignore others. When a marriage encounters dullness, or encounters an impact, the subjective rude character is easily overlooked or unclear about his inner conflict, often blaming the couple for lack of passion or about their own unhappiness. While this kind of person ignores himself, he also ignores the love of his wife after marriage, and the advantages or disadvantages he has. Often add responsibility to a partner, then it is not easy to think about derailment.

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