What Is Your Spring Flower Beauty Look?
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Quiz Description

In the spring, when everything is revived, it is a time when the flowers are fascinating. At this moment, it is also the time for Pak Wong visitors to enjoy the flowers. So, what other flowers can you enjoy at this time? What is their flower language? What kind of beautiful flower language legend?

Hyacinth represents victory, competition, joy, love, happiness, affection, admiration, stubbornness, life, pride, and forever miss.

Legend has it that the handsome and handsome young Haixins and the sun god Apollo are good friends, and the god of the west wind, Jeffreys, also likes Hai Xin Si Si, and often jealous of it, but Hai Xin Si Si always prefers Abo Luo often plays with him. One day, when they were happily throwing discus on the prairie, they happened to be found by Jeffreys hiding in the bushes. They were very uncomfortable and wanted to tease them.

When Apollo threw the discus to the sea, the god of the west wind sneaked aside and slammed the heavy discus on the forehead of the sea, and the blood flowed like a pillar. This handsome boy is also screaming. Apollo panicked, and his heartache sighed with a broken friend. "Hey! Hey!" sighed, and saw the blood from the wounds of the sea new cres continually rushing to the ground and flowing into the grass. .

Soon after, the bunches of purple flowers were opened in the grass. Apollo used the name of the beautiful boy as a flower name to express her apology. We literally translated it as "the hyacinth." The purple hyacinth has since been regarded as the spokesperson of "嫉妒"; the Greek Ai and Aei ("forever" meaning) are synonymous, so the hyacinth also symbolizes "forever nostalgia", and the Europeans often use hyacinths. The pattern is engraved on the tombstone of the loved one to show "permanent nostalgia."

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