What Will The Stars Say About You
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If You belong to Jupiter,you are a reading expert. Smart and capable, easy to win the trust of others, is a leading figure. You are positive and have a sense of justice, and treat people around you equally, so there are many friends, but it is not easy to make a fixed male (female) friend. Most of your objects are people who have the same goals as you and who can share each other.

If you belong to Saturn,you are a person who is step by step and a serious person. When you do things, you don't like reluctance. You like to move forward step by step according to your own pace. Therefore, sometimes you will be regarded as a stubborn person or a weirdo. However, just like the story of the tortoise and the hare, the final winner is often you.

If you belong to Neptune, you have a very romantic and gentle side, and you have a very budget-conscious side. As for when to show which side, it depends on your mood. In other words, you may be a person with a capricious personality. You have your own set of criteria for judging people, and when you judge others, you often use dichotomy, not like, or hate. You are absolutely good to treat people you like, but you are always cold to those who hate you.

If you belong to Mercury, you are lively, happy, not afraid of life, and can quickly become friends with others. Further, because your personality is humorous and smart and cute, your classmates and friends like to be with you and treat you as a pistachio.

If you belong to Venus, you are noble, elegant, temperamental, most like beautiful things. Your personality is gentle and honest, and you hate to compete with others. It is not easy to be hostile to people. Therefore, you can win the trust of most of your friends. But some people will say bad things about you because of jealousy.

If you belong to Uranus, you are full of curiosity and the exploration of your heart, you like to analyze everything from a scientific perspective. Your mind is very flexible, so the results in the class are often one of the best. Even when you are in love, you can calmly analyze, so it is not easy to be obsessed with each other. You like people who are smarter than you and worthy of your respect. Boys of the same age are too naive to you. The school teacher and the surrounding talents are your favorite objects.

If you belong to Mars, you are a positive, action-oriented person. Among the friends, it is very eye-catching. You are very sense of justice, and you have strong mobility. If you think of anything, do it right away. Also very active in love, is a cheerful and generous person. The boy you like is also a cheerful, eye-catching handsome guy. In particular, some of the people in the school are the objects of your worship.

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