Check how did GOD create you.
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Quiz Description

Before the creation of the world, there was chaos. The earth floated in the dark, silent and silent space. There was no land, only full of sea water. God Jehovah created the world in six days. The first day created the day and night, the second day created the air and the sky; the third day created the earth, the sea, the plains of the mountains, flowers, grass, trees; the fourth day created the sky to be covered with stars, used to divide the season And the year, the night is the time of rest, let the quiet moon point the direction to the drifters who cross the desert, help them find shelter; on the fifth day God created fish, birds and other animals; God created God on the sixth day The man; on the seventh day God rested. In the image of the Lord, the Lord God made a man from the dust of the earth, and breathed a sigh of relief into his nostrils. With the spirit, the man will live, speak, and walk. God gave him a name, called Adam.

So, what did God do when he created you? What kind of quality and soul did he give you?

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