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Hey you Stop! Don’t move! Place your hands on the wall!

You’re bad enough and now you have the right to remain silent. But what you said will become a testimony.

Emmm officer! Wait! What’s wrong with me? What happened and I have no idea! I’m so innocent! For your reference, the great thing about Pisces is that it is very good at using the trick of "sounding the West". Unlike other constellations, once Pisces has its own love goal, it will not show the state of active chase, but often shows mysterious, quiet, gentle and pure in front of the other side. You don't need language, just immersed in your own fantasy state, you can exude an irresistible charm, so that the other party can't help but want to know you, protect you, and you are "stealing" and thinking that you are holding it. Can't live.

Don't think that the twins love, rash, and unpleasant, can't complete the difficult task of "stealing the heart." In the battle of heart attack, you will create such an effect, first harass him in front of the favorite, often appear in front of him, and occasionally play the rogue to tease each other, to draw his attention, of course, more likely to be annoying. Then suddenly disappeared in front of the other party, and when he found out that there was something missing in his life, his heart did not know when he was "stealed" by you.

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