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Know yourself better is the first step to be a better person!! Guess what is the real description of you, while it may different from your inner cognition !

Personality refers to the relatively stable and core personality psychology characteristics expressed in people's attitude towards reality and corresponding behaviors. It is the most closely related personality trait in society. It contains many social moral meanings in personality. . Personality expresses people's attitude towards reality and the world around them, and is manifested in his behavior. Character is mainly reflected in the attitude towards yourself, to others, to things and in the words and deeds.

In psychology, personality tests are used to test a person's attitude toward reality and to summarize the personality traits that a person exhibits from the behaviors that individuals are accustomed to. It is mainly used in career development, career counseling, team advice, marriage education, etc

Psychologists have psychologically tested the types of personality test results by their own standards and principles. Here are a few representative views:

1. From the psychological function, personality can be divided into: rational, emotional and will.

2, from the psychological activity tendency, the personality can be divided into introversion and extroversion.

3. From the perspective of individual independence, the personality is divided into independent, obedient, and rebellious.

4. According to people's different values, Spranger divides people's personality into theoretical, economic, power, social, aesthetic, and religious.

5. Helen Parma divides people's personality into nine kinds according to different core values, attention focus and behavioral habits. Known as the nine-type personality, including: No. 1 Perfect, No. 2 Helper, No. 3 Achievement, No. 4 Art, No. 5 Sensitive, 6 Doubt, No. 7 Active, No. 8 Leader, No. 9 Peace type.

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