How Does The Story Of Your Life End?
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A person's life is a life that does not bring death. We were born in the laughter of our loved ones, and we left in the sorrow of our loved ones. We don't know all of this. We can't control our life and death, but we should be glad that we have this life. Most people can realize that health and longevity are more important than prosperity when they are old. People just live this life. If you want to live easily and live freely and freely, you should "remember the things you remember, forget what you should forget. Change can change, accept what can't be changed." Only then, you will live. A brand new self with personality!

How short is the lifetime! Don't go too demanding, don't have too much extravagant hope. If we have been struggling to pursue it, we still have nothing to gain. We may wish to think this way: Since God does not favor me, and does not allow me to stand out from the crowd and not let me excel, why should I insist on it? Others are famous, but they are mediocre. We may as well comfort ourselves: it is yours, you can't hide; you are not yours, you can't ask for it. Why should I try my best to take possession of things that didn't belong to me? Money, power, and reputation are not the most important. The most important thing is to be kind to yourself. Even if you have the world, you will disappear when you die. If we think so, we will not add any unnecessary troubles to ourselves.

Life is short. We can face it lightly, but we can also actively grasp it. When you can’t see it, when you are proud of it, when you are angry, when you are in deep pain, please think about it, no matter what, you always Fortunately, I have had this life. People are like this life, no future life. So let's start with a smile! People live forever, and happiness is the most important thing. Having a healthy body, doing what you like to do in a happy state, and realizing your own value safely is the greatest happiness in life.

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