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Princess Sissi was born on December 24, 1837. Her mother was the sister of Emperor Sophie of Austria and her father was a nobleman of Bavaria. On the day when Princess Sissi was born, it was just Christmas and Sunday. My father named her Elizabeth, nicknamed sissi

The scenery of Bavaria is picturesque, the lake is like a mirror, the mountains are beautiful, and Princess Sissi is here to spend his childhood without any worries. Her father, Duke Max, loves hunting, writing poetry, playing the piano, riding horses, and even building a horse farm in the yard. Princess Sissi has been adhering to the traits of her father's freedom and loves horse riding. She also likes small animals very much, and there are deer fawns, puppies, and birds in the garden at the doorstep...

Princess Sissi often goes to the woods to hunt with her father. However, she did not help her father to capture prey, but appeared as a prey of prey in the hunting ground. When the father used the gun to aim the prey, she often made some small moves to help the prey escape, making the father cry and laugh.

In 1848, the son of Empress Sophie, Francis Joseph, boarded the throne of the emperor, and Princess Sister Helen became the candidate of the Queen. In August 1853, the young emperor Francis came to Bavaria to visit his fiancée. On that day, Princess Helen was dressed up in a quiet, beautiful and moving manner. Who knows that the princess who returned with her father’s hunting came in and lost. She wore an extremely ordinary dress, but her body was full of sunshine and vitality and vitality. It looked so simple, so innocent and so moving. In the eyes of Francis Joseph, no one else can be seen. The young Austrian emperor handed a bouquet of flowers in his hand to Princess Sissi. However, for the happiness of my sister, the innocent cockroach turned and ran away.

Francis solemnly declared to her mother calmly: "I have already decided, except for you, no one is jealous. She is the embodiment of beauty, she is a rare treasure. He can become an unprecedented queen in the world. She is on her body. There is a kind of natural innocence that I can't resist. After my mother, this is the first time I have violated your wishes."

After careful consideration, Queen Sophie promised her son's request.

In April 1854, they held a warm and grand wedding in Vienna. In the cheers and noise, the pure and lively princess once again conquered her subjects with her charming smile.

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