What job will you do in Heaven?


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There is a person who has evangelized him for 16 years. He does not believe in the Lord. Finally, he came to me and said to me, "What do you do in heaven in the future? Nothing is boring, I am better off in the world." I said, "You have been living, staying one hundred and six. Ten years." He said: "No. I will die." "Would you like to go?" "What will happen after I go?"

A person in the United States also asked me this question. I asked him: "Are you married? He said: "I got married, my wife is next to me. "I said: "Are you satisfied? He doesn't say. If you don't say it is not satisfied, right? Satisfied why not say? Does the wife still say next to it? There are two kinds of marriages: one is that marriage is a tomb of love, one thinks that marriage is the beginning of love, That kind of good? There are some women who look very beautiful before marriage. They are scattered after marriage, they don’t trim their edges, they don’t sort out their homes, they are dirty and mad. Another woman seems to be dull before marriage. She is with her every day after marriage. I continue to discover that she has a lot of greatness, so not only will she fall under the pomegranate skirt before marriage, but she will continue to admire after marriage. This is the case of heaven.

When we went to heaven in the future, we found that God was so great, I was willing to bow down and worship, and I continued to discover, and I couldn’t help but worship, thank God. So it is not from the phenomenon to see why worship, but forever endless value, so that we can not admire, forever and ever. That joy is God's gift. When people who study science find a truth, they are very excited. When we come to heaven, we must discover every day that God can show his treasure, and that kind of enjoyment is eternal. The "golden street" of heaven represents the most noble gold in the world. It is nothing but value in the sky.

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